Kenny’s Point of View

February 21, 2006

Queensland The Smart State yeah right

Filed under: Government and Politics,Road Users and Locations — kennyspointofview @ 11:09 am

How can Queensland have The Smart State on number plates when many drivers especially in The West End, Highgate Hill and South Brisbane.

Dont use common sense to realise running the red, parking in the road lane, blocking the footpath forcing pedestrians to walk on the roads, not giving way to other road users etc
etc etc.


L Springboard is off again

Filed under: Government and Politics — kennyspointofview @ 11:08 am

Instead of mouting off and whinging all the time maybe L Springbord should put words into action and follow the saying ‘action louder speak then words’ and maybe just maybe he won’t mistakes with his publicity stunt to get his face on TV or in the papers.

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