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March 16, 2006

Ex-Brisbane Mayor gets around

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I had first hand experience of a slower Victoria driver not pulling over and stopping so faster driver can pass.

So Jim Soorley must had follow every single slower Victoria driver (The nation’s most stubborn drivers Sunday Mail 19feb06) to know for sure that they do they do pull over and stop.


February 21, 2006

Many drivers not accepting reality

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It is a pity and stupid that some drivers will not accept reality that parking on the footpath drivers especially in the West End/South Brisbane and Highgate Hill area.

Is against the law, put pedestrian lives in danger and damage the footpath and if drivers don’t believe this especially that it put lives in danger they should try walking on Vulture St with speeding drivers because someone thought (?) it would be okay to park on the footpath

Queensland The Smart State yeah right

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How can Queensland have The Smart State on number plates when many drivers especially in The West End, Highgate Hill and South Brisbane.

Dont use common sense to realise running the red, parking in the road lane, blocking the footpath forcing pedestrians to walk on the roads, not giving way to other road users etc
etc etc.

Road rule allowing cyclists to break the law

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In seeing so many cyclists break the law and put themselves and others at risk especially at the intersection of Vulture and Boundary St West End by running the red, not giving way to pedestrians, ride straight off the footpath etc etc

I guess you could say the Local Council road rules allowing cyclists to ride on the footpath was not written to improve the safety of cyclists but to allow cyclists to break the law.

Takeaway the footpath space with Industrial waste bins

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After seeing a number of Industral Bins from a company called Takeaway reducing the footpath in The West End area maybe they should be called Takeaway the footpath space.

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