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February 23, 2006

Is it Good Enough?

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Is it good enough that The Moderator from an certain Australian consumer web site answers some people questions like “why do they considered expressing
an opinion is “arguing with everybody” by banning the person asking this

And how can the same person asking the question be “arguing with everybody” when that person doesn’t reply with everybody and everybody doesn’t reply to that person?


February 21, 2006

Community Group concerned about Children Health?

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If the community group who wants The propsed Boggo Rd bus tunnel moved is really concerned about the tunnel and health to their children.

Then why didn’t they question The propsed North South Road Tunnel and why did they suggest moving the bus tunnel because wouldn’t common sense suggested that moving the tunnel other children could be affected.

Road rule allowing cyclists to break the law

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In seeing so many cyclists break the law and put themselves and others at risk especially at the intersection of Vulture and Boundary St West End by running the red, not giving way to pedestrians, ride straight off the footpath etc etc

I guess you could say the Local Council road rules allowing cyclists to ride on the footpath was not written to improve the safety of cyclists but to allow cyclists to break the law.

Takeaway the footpath space with Industrial waste bins

Filed under: Road Users and Locations,The Community — kennyspointofview @ 11:05 am

After seeing a number of Industral Bins from a company called Takeaway reducing the footpath in The West End area maybe they should be called Takeaway the footpath space.

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